Supporting Communities.

Shanbally Housing Association (Shanbally) is a committed independent, provider of high-quality, value for money social and affordable housing.

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Serving the Community

Our primary aim is to provide affordable good quality rental accommodation for people with a social housing need. In addition, some of our housing stock caters for the older population.

Shanbally has approval status under Section 6 of the Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1992. We are also a member of the Irish Council for Social Housing which represents over 270 housing associations across Ireland.

What We Do

At Shanbally, we care and believe in what we do. We currently manage a number of homes under the unsold affordable leasing scheme with Cork City and County Councils. Additionally, we manage our own stock of properties under the Capital Assistance Scheme. We have housing management systems in place to ensure the upkeep, management and maintenance of all units as well as the provision of all appropriate occupancy management services. A pre-tenancy programme for new tenants is a compulsory part of the allocation process. This ensures that all tenants are aware of their rights and obligations.





Shanbally was established in 2000 and was active initially in the development of Social and Affordable housing schemes. These were structured on a self-financing basis without a development profit. In respect of the Affordable initiatives this ensured that our end users could secure a new home and the purchase price would be limited to the cost of the land plus the cost of construction only.

 Shanbally has extensive experience in the roll out of such schemes over the years.

By way of example we developed Templeroe, Shanballymore, Mallow where twenty 3 bedroomed properties and 10 serviced sites were completed in 2002.

Following this, fourteen semi detached homes were developed and completed in Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork

We undertook a unique development in conjunction with Cork City Council in 2006 at Buckley’s Meadows, Rope Walk, Blackrock. This comprising thirty-six units which sold under the affordable housing scheme initiative. In addition, there were eleven units developed on the same site under the Capital Assistance Scheme and these remain under the management of Shanbally today.

We also manage an extensive portfolio of individual units which initially formed part of the affordable housing stock of Cork City and County Councils.

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Years Experience

Houses Built

Our Partners

Shanbally HA has particular competence in sourcing, planning, construction, allocation and management of completed homes. Historically we have completed 85 homes in Cork City and County all of which were allocated as affordable or social housing.
As a regulated Tier 1 housing association we have a vision to develop and increase our housing stock and become active providers of high-quality social housing with strong management structures in place.
We are open to hearing from and meeting with developers in the Munster region interested in leasing arrangements where rent is guaranteed for the whole lease term.


I have been a tenant of Shanbally Housing for over nine years. A few years ago life took an unexpected turn and during this very difficult period of time I always had great security knowing that the roof over our heads was safe. No matter what happened I wouldn’t have the same worry as I would if I were renting in the open market. An added bonus is that I am lucky enough to have been allocated housing less than 3km away from my family.

I really feel like I am looked after with Shanbally Housing. Recently heating repairs were treated as a matter of urgency and dealt with very promptly. Shanbally Housing has given us the opportunity to have out a home that we can call our own.

Our Team

Our experienced team is focused on delivering a quality service.

Claire O'Mahony

Claire O’ Mahony has 27 years of experience in the social care sector, in particular working in youth and community, homelessness and housing. Claire has a post graduate diploma in Child Protection and welfare and is a contracted trainer with Barnardos. She currently works for Good Shepherd Cork in an educational and development role. Claire hails from Cork where she can be found living a busy life volunteering with a variety of groups including, acting as the Secretary to Shanbally Housing Association.

Tim Porter

Tim is an accomplished and self-motivated director of housing  with 30+ years in the social and private housing sectors, MBA QUALIFIED with an excellent track record of delivery of sustainable housing development and management services, for substantial housing associations in the UK and Ireland.  Currently working as Director of Delivery in London and responsible for delivering several thousand new homes  and communities in Baking and Dagenham. He is passionate about Welsh rugby and never tires of sharing this love.

Rosarie O'Riordan

Rosarie O’Riordan has worked extensively in Child Protection and Safeguarding for the last 15 years. She works for a number of organisations in this area and much of her work is based in a Community Youth Setting. Here, she is the Designated Liaison Person for 50+ staff. She has a keen interest in social justice and was delighted to join Shanbally Housing Association as a Board Member. She lives in a rural village in North Cork and enjoys the outdoors.

Niall Horgan

Niall is a highly experienced professional, holding several senior management positions over the past 20 years in the health and social care sector in both Ireland and the UK. He was the Service Director with L’Arche Cork for several years before joining Threshold, the National Housing Charity as their southern regional manager and then took on the role of Director Services for Cork, Kerry and Kilkenny with Enable Ireland until 2022. He continues to lecture (part time) in UCC on a number of their management practice and leadership courses. He holds an MSc in Human Resource Management (UCC 2014) and a Diploma in Housing Studies (UCD 2016),  as well as several other diplomas and certificates in related fields. He has served as a previous board member with both the Citizens Information Centre (Cork City) and Carbery Housing Association and remains committed to improving the accessibility and supply of social and affordable housing. 

Catherine McAuliffe

Catherine McAuliffe has over 30 years’ experience in the residential property sector.  She regularly advises developers and local authorities on housing requirements, house design and development mix. Catherine is a Director in Savills Ireland, heading up the residential department for the last 15 years.  She is a volunteer board member of Shanbally Housing Association since 2023 and she has worked on as a volunteer with Age Action and Niall Mellon over the last number of years. 

Kevin O'Donoghue

Kevin O Donoghue is a volunteer. He is a solicitor with over 30 years experience in property related activities and is a considerable asset to Shanbally.


Before getting in touch, make sure to read through the FAQs below.

What is a Housing Association?

Housing Associations or commonly known as Approved Housing Bodies are independent not for profit organisations who in general provide affordable rented housing for people who cannot afford to pay private sector rents or buy their own homes, or for particular groups, such as older people or homeless people.

There are several hundred approved housing bodies which vary in size and in the services that they provide. As well as providing affordable rented housing, they generally aim to encourage community development.

How do I apply?

In order to be housed by Shanbally Housing Association you must normally be registered on the relevant local authority waiting list. In order to be deemed eligible your income must be under a maximum amount threshold set by your local authority and you must be deemed in need of housing.

When a void property becomes available, Shanbally HA will notify the relevant local authority who will provide a suitable nomination for consideration. The applicant will be interviewed on completion of our Needs Assessment Application form.

What happens if I am considered for a Shanbally HA tenancy?

Following interview, the Manager will discuss the applicant with an allocated member of the Board of Management in line with the Allocation Policy and a recommendation will be made to the relevant local authority. If the applicant is successful an offer of housing will be made. If the offer is accepted, the nominee will be requested to attend a pre-tenancy programme to discuss all matters relating to a tenancy with Shanbally Housing Association.

When a void property becomes available, Shanbally HA will notify the relevant local authority who will provide a suitable nomination for consideration. The applicant will be interviewed on completion of our Needs Assessment Application form.

Can I buy a Shanbally HA home?

No. Currently Government policy states that the dwelling is for rental purposes only and that housing association tenants cannot purchase the property.

How much rent can a tenant of Shanbally HA expect to pay?

Rent will be assessed based on the household income in line with the relevant local authority’s differential rent policy. This ensures that the rent is affordable for all households. The rent will be reviewed yearly. Rent changes if the household circumstances change through out the year. It is part of the tenancy agreement that tenants must inform Shanbally HA of any changes in income throughout the year.

Get in touch


Shanbally Housing Association Limited,
Trinity House, 8 Georges Quay, Cork, Ireland

Phone No.: (021) 4313 911
Fax No.: (021) 432 0316
E-mail:  reeneb@shanballyhousing.ie

Get in touch


Shanbally Housing Association Limited,
Trinity House, 8 Georges Quay, Cork, Ireland

Phone No.: (021) 4313 911
Fax No.: (021) 432 0316
E-mail: reeneb@shanballyhousing.ie 

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